Wheelchair Home Modifications for Elderly and Disabled Persons

Recovering at home

Learn tips from the Walnut Creek home care experts on how to make home modifications for wheelchair access.

Home is where the heart is, and it’s for that reason that so many people make the choice to remain at home through their golden years. But oftentimes wheelchairs become a part of life when individuals or those with certain disabilities lose mobility. This can be a unique challenge when it comes to making sure the home is a safe place. But a few home modifications for elderly and disabled persons can greatly improve safety. Read more


How to Best Meet Nutritional Needs for Seniors

It is not a mystery that a nutritious diet is vital for good health. However many people don’t understand that an adult’s nutritional needs change with age. As such, the nutritional experts at Tufts University have designed MyPlate for Older Adults, which is an updated rendition of the former food pyramid, and which provides nutritional advice specifically for seniors. Read More...
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Balancing Helping with Hindering: Tips to Maintain Senior Independence

Throughout the stages of our lives, our independence can mean very different things. Independence can come in significant stages, like moving out of your parents’ home or getting married, or less significant ones, like being able to complete tasks that had seemed insurmountable. Read More...
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Studies Show Social Activity for Seniors Boosts Health

Humans are social creatures, so it seems obvious that maintaining an active social life is good for the body and mind. Now, scientific studies are backing up that intuition, revealing that socializing with others boosts the health of your brain and your body. Read More...
Siblings having a discussion about caregiving

Overcoming Sibling Rivalry While Caring for Aging Parents

From sharing toys to sharing your parents’ attention, siblinghood can often be fraught with tension, and when you throw in caring for aging parents, those tensions can increase. While loving each other and considering your brother’s or sister’s feelings was impressed upon you at an early age, sibling rivalry can still be a hurdle when making challenging decisions and attempting to fairly divide caregiving requirements for aging parents. Read More...
Warning Signs that Care is Needed

Did You See These Warning Signs that Care Is Needed Over the Holidays?

It’s a new year with many new things to look forward to, but there may be some lingering thoughts nagging you from a recent visit with Mom and Dad over the holidays. Did Dad seem more forgetful than usual? Mom looked a little shaky on her feet. Read More...
Stress-Free Holidays

Family Caregivers, Give Yourselves the Gift of a Stress-Free Holiday

The holidays are always filled with presents, family, and about a million festivities and obligations. While this time of year can be fun, it’s rarely considered relaxing. The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is often very stressful, especially when you combine caring for a loved one with the all the shopping, family gatherings and parties. Read More...
Types of California Home Care

Four Types of California Home Care That Enable Seniors to Age in Place

For the vast majority of older adults, the prospect of facing a move to an assisted living or nursing facility is difficult. It’s only natural to want to remain in the familiarity of home, where we can decide on our own when we want to wake up, when and what we want to eat, who we wish to spend our time with, etc. Read More...
Alzheimer's Caregiver

Stress and the Alzheimer’s Caregiver

Some of the busiest people working today are Alzheimer’s caregivers, and not just because of their caregiving duties. Most Alzheimer’s caregivers work long hours at fulltime jobs, take the kids to afterschool activities, make a stop by the grocery store on the way home, and prepare dinner for the family on top of their caregiving responsibilities. Read More...
Family Caregiver Guilt

Help for the Family Caregiver Who Struggles with Guilt

Many of us feel as though we’re juggling a lot of balls in our everyday lives, but for the family caregiver, it can feel as though they’re juggling knives and flaming swords as well. It’s perfectly normal to experience feelings of guilt and of being overwhelmed when you’re responsible for providing care for a senior loved one, whether is an aging parent, a spouse, or another elderly relative. Read More...