Senior women at home.

Tips for Caregivers of Dementia Patients

Sometimes, the most beneficial lessons in life come about by going through them firsthand; yet the wisdom we are able to glean from those who’ve walked a similar course before us is priceless. If you’re providing care for a family member with dementia and becoming a bit bogged down in this uncharted territory, the strategies below will help:

Senior women at home.

Discover tips for caregivers of dementia patients from Hillendale Home Care.

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Dementia Care Walnut Creek Experts Recommend Approaching Senior Bathing Care with a SMILE


Use the SMILE technique when approaching bathing care for seniors.

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine this: Most of your life has been devoted to taking care of and helping others – as a parent, during your career, through volunteering in your local community, and as a grandparent. After living independently and being in control of any decisions that impact your life, you now find yourself as the one who needs assistance with bathing and other daily care tasks. Imagine the vulnerability, sense of loss, and fear that may be experienced when suddenly day-to-day tasks are challenging to complete. Read more

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Caregiver Burnout Is Real. Here’s How to Spot It and Avoid It.

Caregiving for a senior loved one, although very rewarding, also can bring along with it a high degree of stress. The day-and-night pressure of meeting a family member’s needs can rapidly escalate to create caregiver burnout – a dangerous condition that often results in a loss of patience and in emotional outbursts, affecting not merely the caregiver herself, but her senior loved one as well. Read More...
Caregivers Guilt

How to Manage One of the Most Common Struggles Faced by Family Caregivers: Guilt

Most of us are juggling a number of tasks at any given time, and for caregivers, it often feels like they’re juggling knives and flaming swords on top of it. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed and guilty when you’re responsible for caring for a loved one, whether that person is your spouse or your parent. Read More...

When You’re Overwhelmed, Elderly Care is There in Walnut Creek CA

There are constant challenges in life. Some of them are easy to deal with, and others are far more complicated. When you have a loved one who needs some form of elderly care, you may take it upon yourself to be their elder care provider. Read More...

Video: Home Care Walnut Creek CA: What is “Respite” care and does every home care agency provide that type of care?

Home Care Walnut Creek CA: What is “Respite” care and does every home care agency provide that type of care?     Read More...

Elder Care in Danville, CA: Asking for Help

When you find yourself unexpectedly needing to provide elder care for a loved one, it can be overwhelming. Since no one knows exactly when a medical emergency or a debilitating accident might occur, it is challenging to really be prepared for elderly home care and all that it entails. Read More...

Caregivers in Antioch, CA: Helping Family Caregivers

There are ways that friends and other family members can help the family caregiver. These methods and a brief explanation of each are given below. Acknowledgement Sometimes the caregiver just needs other to validate the struggles and triumphs they experience; all the hard work they put in every day in the name of caregiving. Read More...

Elderly Care in Walnut Creek, CA: Vacation Countdown Chain

Everybody loves going on vacation. For many people, the planning in anticipation of the trip is a tremendous amount of the fun. If you are planning a family vacation, a vacation countdown chain is an elderly care project that will keep your aging loved one busy, but will also allow the entire family to enjoy being excited about the upcoming trip. Read More...

Respite Care Walnut Creek Provides Relief for Long Distance Caregivers

Being a long-distance caregiver for an aging loved one has considerations even beyond the already stressful responsibilities of providing home care for a senior. It can be very stressful to think about your aging loved one and worry about his ongoing health and well-being when you are not available to be there and take care of him on a regular basis. Read More...