Wheelchair Home Modifications for Elderly and Disabled Persons

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Learn tips from the Walnut Creek home care experts on how to make home modifications for wheelchair access.

Home is where the heart is, and it’s for that reason that so many people make the choice to remain at home through their golden years. But oftentimes wheelchairs become a part of life when individuals or those with certain disabilities lose mobility. This can be a unique challenge when it comes to making sure the home is a safe place. But a few home modifications for elderly and disabled persons can greatly improve safety. Read more

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Stroke Recovery Tips from the Walnut Creek Home Care Experts at Hillendale Home Care

Enduring and recovering from a stroke is both a physically and emotionally challenging undertaking, and the main thing the stroke survivor longs for is to return home to his or her typical life. However, considering that around two-thirds of stroke survivors usually have some form of disability (per the National Stroke Association) in-home safety alterations may be necessary to make life throughout the stroke recovery process safer and easier. Read More...

How to Best Meet Nutritional Needs for Seniors

It is not a mystery that a nutritious diet is vital for good health. However many people don’t understand that an adult’s nutritional needs change with age. As such, the nutritional experts at Tufts University have designed MyPlate for Older Adults, which is an updated rendition of the former food pyramid, and which provides nutritional advice specifically for seniors. Read More...
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Balancing Helping with Hindering: Tips to Maintain Senior Independence

Throughout the stages of our lives, our independence can mean very different things. Independence can come in significant stages, like moving out of your parents’ home or getting married, or less significant ones, like being able to complete tasks that had seemed insurmountable. Read More...
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Understanding and Helping Seniors with Hoarding Issues

Keeping seniors safe at home is the goal of our Concord home care team, and there are often sensitive issues that can cause safety and health problems in the home. Hoarding is a delicate, psychological issue that affects many senior loved ones, and oftentimes, people do not understand or know how to deal with hoarding properly. Read More...
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Simple Steps You Can Take Today to Better Manage Your Diabetes

Monitoring glucose levels, checking and rechecking blood pressure, and keeping tabs on food consumed—these are just a few of the ongoing daily activities necessary for someone diagnosed with diabetes. Effective diabetes care requires meticulous attention to care management—realizing that failing to follow the doctor’s recommendations can lead to serious risks, such as heart disease, high blood pressure and even diabetic coma. Read More...
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Breathe Easier with These Daily Lung Disease Care Tips

Living with lung disease, specifically COPD, presents older adults with some unique challenges. From increased risk of infections like pneumonia and the flu to swelling in the extremities to emotional challenges like anxiety and depression, COPD is a complicated chronic illness that requires constant care. Read More...
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How to Promote Senior Independence & Enhance a Senior’s Life Purpose

“Let me help you with that.” “Sit down. Don’t overdo it!” “Take it easy. I can handle that” Have you ever made comments such as these to senior loved ones? Our intentions are good; we want to do what we can to help our older loved ones stay safe and healthy. Read More...
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Studies Show Social Activity for Seniors Boosts Health

Humans are social creatures, so it seems obvious that maintaining an active social life is good for the body and mind. Now, scientific studies are backing up that intuition, revealing that socializing with others boosts the health of your brain and your body. Read More...
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Concord Home Care Experts Help Seniors Overcome Roadblocks to Exercise

Making exercise a regular part of life is a challenge for people of any age. We never seem to have enough time to fit in a workout. We’re tired from a long day of work. We’ll wake up early and exercise then. Read More...