The Electronic Caregiver Premier (ELC Premier) is easy to use wherever you go!  Enjoy 24/7 emergency response, receive medication reminders, automated in-home checkups, personalized health messages and caregiver GPS tracking to pinpoint your loved one’s location!

Rest assured that the ELC Premier will help keep you or your loved one safe and independent everywhere!

Electronic Caregiver premier features

FamilyCare App

Send a message directly to your loved one or caregiver with the ECG Premier. For safety and monitoring, the ELC Premier can even send an alert when the person leaves home and arrives at another location. The Familycare App is available for family’s and professional caregivers to download on iPhone or Android mobile devices.

Senior Home Care Patient playing outside with his grandson

Rapid Response

Be confident that you or your loved one have 24/7 access to emergency medical dispatchers who are highly skilled operators that provide stay-on-the-line service during emergency situations.

Pocket MD is a 24/7 physician-on-demand service that allows you to speak to a licensed physician with a push of a button!  You can connect with a qualified licensed physician who can assess and respond to common ailments, and if necessary, send a prescription directly to your local pharmacy.  Stay in the safety of your home and avoid unnecessary exposure to germs in a doctor’s waiting room

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