My wonderful dad has had different care needs -- from 24/7 post-hospital help to "he'd love a little company and a fresh dinner." Each and every need has been met by Hillendale, with gentleness, respect and professionalism. They have been patient with my attempts to "anticipate" a changing hospital release date. Their caregivers notice dust that I had not (and quietly cleaned). They call to report any bruise or bump that Dad might be reluctant to tell me.In short, they are there for Dad, and for me.
Annette H. on Feb 12, 2017
At that critical time, when you need someone to trust, this is the agency to use. Hillendale Home Care provides superior supportive, compassionate service to the person in need and their family. I can not think of a more caring and responsive organization with outstanding professional care givers. I highly recommend them.
Elliot L. on Aug 16, 2011
Hillendale Home Care was a God send for our family. The organization is very well run, nurse-owned and managed, with experts - including nurses and a physical therapist - in management positions. The leaders are involved, hands-on, caring, responsive and really good at what they do. Documentation and billing was easy, too (we have long-term care insurance- and we had had such a difficult time with this at another agency, that I feared for the worst- and it turned out to be a breeze!). Plus, the most important thing is that the caregivers are excellent, with very good training that is provided by Hillendale. I have worked with two other agencies in another part of the country for my parents' needs. This agency was by far the best. I think it comes down to being small, local, focused on training, and able to recruit and retain very good caregivers.
Anne S. on May 01, 2016
I highly recommend Hillendale Home Care. I was very impressed with how professionally the office and business are run. The staff is helpful and caring. I can say without any doubt that Hillendale Home Care offers a very safe and comfortable environment. I feel very comfortable leaving my parents in the care of Bridget Waller the owner and her staff. I just cannot say enough good things about them.
Brenda L. on Jul 23, 2011
I used Hillendale when my wife had knee replacement surgery and she had limited mobility for awhile, plus I was not anxious to leave her by herself for the first week. Hillendale came out to visit us, learned of our needs, and provided a wonderful young lady who spent about 10 hours a day doing whatever she could to help. Not only did she ensure my wife did her exercises, she made lunches, did dishes, and I think she would have washed the windows had I asked!

Just wonderful care and companionship during a difficult time and I highly recommend Hillendale. I'll use them whenever I need help and I've already recommended them to friends, co-workers and everyone I know who needs the best help you'll ever find!!
Bruce L. on Dec 11, 2013
I highly recommend Hillendale! Everyone we worked with was very competent, kind, caring, and professional. The agency was very accommodating, providing care givers per our desired schedule, as well as providing emergency care when we needed it. I can't say enough about the compassionate help and support we received when we needed it most. Thank you!
Nicole M. on Dec 05, 2013
I received my CNA & HHA training from Hillendale. My instructors, Rhonda & Leslie, both RNs for many years are in my opinion, the best of the best. Both of them were my CNA instructors & Rhonda was my HHA instructor. Their passion, compassion, expertise & experience are evident from the very first class. When I sat for my California exam & clinical, it was very plain to see the difference of our training versus others. We were truly prepared capable & very professional. I spoke with various people about their experience at other training sites, I discovered that I had lucked out by getting some of the best class room & clinical training at the best price! The saying you get what you pay for, was totally untrue in this case. I am now a CNA & HHA & am looking forward to a career in helping provide care to seniors. I would recommend Hillendale if you are looking for training to become a CNA.
Karen I. on Jan 14, 2013
I used Hillendale when my grandmother was in need of extra care after a moderate injury. They were wonderful throughout the whole ordeal. We should all be so lucky to have a company like this in our back yards when the unthinkable happens!

Great job to all their wonderful staff!
Zachary R. on Dec 04, 2015
Great company! I am really glad we went with Hillendale to care for my dad. They made a difficult time much more manageable with their professional and caring staff. I have heard wonderful things about them and am glad to report that they were all true!
Joe V. on Dec 21, 2012
Hillendale has provided competent caregivers for the care of my elderly father for several years. The staff is efficient, always friendly, and go above and beyond to be sure that the appropriate personnel are assigned. I can leave the house and not worry about how comfortable and safe my Dad is while I am gone. As far as I am concerned their quality of service is more than they even recognize.
Susan M. on Feb 23, 2012
The caregivers are good, thorough and conducive. They are definitely timely about showing up on time. The caregivers come in and do what they need to do to make my day better. They show their compassion through doing their chores and spending their mornings talking to me. They usually come in uniform. The office staff has been good so far and the agency communicates with us once every couple of weeks. The coordination of the schedule has been terrific. It is very likely I would recommend Hillendale to others.
Marlene22 on Mar 21, 2019
Hillendale Home Care was referred to me by a good friend. I appreciate that Hillendale Home Care sends caregivers that are efficient and timely. They are always good very good at calling me well in advance about any scheduling changes. The caregivers are always very caring and compassionate towards me. They make sure that I am in complete health and if there are any concerns, they take care of it right away. The caregivers are always well dressed. I am very confident in the office staff. They know what they are doing. They take care of me really well and it makes my life a lot easier. The caregivers think of my needs before their own, which is a great feeling. I would definitely recommend this agency to anyone who may be in need of home care. In fact, I have recommended them to many people that I have come in contact with that are in a similar situation. I tell them Hillendale Home Care is the only way to go!
Eric16 on Mar 21, 2019
Hillendale has a good reputation. I like the personalization. They are not robotic. They are down to earth and they talk to you like you are a real person. They talk with my parents and actually interact with them. They have dealt with alzheimer's before so they know how to treat people with alzheimers. I don't have to worry about anything. They take care of everything. They are there all the time and they let us know what their schedule is. They know what they are doing and are always dressed professionally in the proper attire. Their personal hygiene is always well kept. Every time I have spoke with the office staff, they have been responsive. Their communication with me is always clear, concise and timely. They do what they say they are going to do and they get along with my parents. I would recommend this agency to others and Juan is like one of the family now.
John95099450 on Mar 21, 2019
I selected this agency because Kaiser Permanente recommended them to me. I appreciate all the help. My caregiver is wonderful. I do not have to ask her to do things. She does things proactively. She does them on her own and she is very alert to all of my needs. She is always on time and dresses in a uniform. I am the one who dictates the schedule. Usually, the comply with my schedule. I did have one problem in the very beginning. I had a caregiver whose car had a bad break in the window of the passenger seat. They immediately gave me a different caregiver. I know that my rating is almost too perfect, but I have been very happy with the service. Should I need them again, once I heal, I will call them. I know I do not have to search for a health care company and I would absolutely recommend them. Everything I have asked for has been taken care of immediately and the caregiver that I have is like a daughter.
Marie37 on Mar 21, 2019
I chose this agency because I liked that they were professional, the caregivers are good quality and the office staff is fabulous. The caregiver's always show up on time and are helpful in giving us suggestions on how my father can get around. Some of the caregivers having nursing backgrounds and it is nice to have a second opinion and bouncing things off of them for suggestions. The caregiver that comes at night gives my father a kiss on the cheek and the others are very caring. They are always in uniform and have casual clean clothes. The company we had prior was not good at all. Hillendale calls me and if somebody is going to call off, they will try their best to schedule somebody else and keep us informed which is wonderful. As far as scheduling goes, I would rank them an 11 if I could. They have a solid team of caregiver's and have not had any problems with them. I would tell other individuals that the agency is very professional and they train good people.
Caring95099050 on Mar 21, 2019
I looked up all the reviews with regards to Hillendale Home Care, and they got outstanding reviews. I also knew that they had employees who had been there for many, many years. We have been using them for a few months now, and they are outstanding. She interacts with my mom a lot, and they are having a good time.
Christine32 on Mar 21, 2019
I am a returning customer here for continuing education classes. I pre-paid for this class way in advanced to ensure a seat, Christmas holiday weekend ( a Friday at that!) I hit a bit of traffic coming from DIXON to Walnut Creek. (I know traffic isn't their problem, but come on...) the class started at 8:30 so I gave then a call at 8:10 just to let them know I was running 15-20 minutes late and to please save my seat I am en route!:) I ended up having to leave a voice mail since the was no answer, continues my drive and didn't think much of it being an issue... I pre-paid, called, and was ready for my last 4 hours of CEU's before sending in all my paperwork.

When I arrived to the classroom I was directed to the office to speak with a Diana who mainly led me to leave this bitter review. What a sad human being, mean and heartless. Short and rude the entire conversation and I'm trying to be as understanding and cooperative as possible with her despite her hate for her job (or being) I told her I called on my way and she responded with "no you didn't, how could you have called if I have been here since 8:00 and I'm right near the phone" I responded with I'm not quite sure but I left a message and this was the number and that she needed to check it. She insisted I didn't call and refused to check her voicemail. INDEED, I DID CALL. After another co-worker across the way said something about me calling Diana turns to me and states that it's not her problem that I'm late therefore I cannot attend the class or be refunded and kept smirking and throwing her hands up. I don't know what I could have said or done differently to at-least have been given the opportunity to have an adult conversation. Extremely frustrating trying to talk with her. Esp while being mocked and ridiculed for something so petty and minor.

Well, After paying $50 for a baby sitter, $35 for the class, bridge toll, gas, a couple brain cells and my lovely interaction with Diana cost be about $100 bucks today lol. We all have rough days and you'll never know all that I planned for and went through just to get to this class today. (& I know that irrelevant, not looking for a sob story) treat people how you would like to be treated, customer service and kindness goes a long way. I would have been understanding for a missed phone call and a tardiness policy(if there is one I still don't know) it is what it is. I walked out of there sad for someone with such little compassion towards others, weather it's in a professional workplace or just interacting with others in general, also being that's what Hillendale Home Care is all about "We provide quality, caring, and reliable assistance". Merry Merry Christmas, Diana.
Kate S. on Dec 16, 2017
I highly recommend Hillendale Home Care services!

We moved my 89 year old father from assisted living in Oregon to a local senior center. He was in good physical health but had dementia.

In Oregon, he was still able to attend dances at the senior center twice a week with limited help from senior transportation. His condition upon moving prevented him from his favorite activity of dancing due to the limited time constraints of the family. We could transport and supervise him only about once a week. My single father loves to dance--and loves the ladies!

My sister learned of the excellent services that Hillendale could provide for my father. They took him to the dances twice a week, stayed with him, danced right along with him, and even took him to lunch afterwards!

Over the past two years, they provided him with very caring and skilled aides that brought him much happiness and pleasure, at a very reasonable cost.

This has been such a comfort to my entire family and has provided my dad with a wonderful quality of life.
Kiera R. on Dec 16, 2017
After some less-than-positive experiences with other caregivers for my father, I was quite hesitant to try a new caregiver company.....but, thank goodness I did. HILLENDALE HOME CARE is absolutely extraordinary! From the moment we first contacted them, Gina, Cabrina and Bridget organized the 24/7 care for my father with the utmost of professionalism and attention to detail. And the caregivers they sent to handle the 24/7 rotation (Elena, Julie, Machaela, Mary, Abigail, Rina, Cady & Ashley) were not only kind, positive, engaging and respectful, but they seamlessly and brilliantly handled absolutely everything that needed to be done--both medically and personally--to help my father feel comfortable, cherished and safe. Thank you, Hillendale, for bringing your calming and caring presence into my father's life.
Michael M. on Feb 09, 2018
I recently completed Hillendale's CNA program and passed the CNA certification exam. I felt very prepared going into the state exam thanks to Ann Spafford (instructor). I learned so much from this course that I believe will help me in my future career endeavors. Ann is a very approachable and knowledgeable teacher who not only thoroughly prepared me for the exam but shared many invaluable insights and lessons from her past experiences. This program allowed me to efficiently receive my CNA license while also enjoying the process of doing so! Highly recommend!
Kelsey S. on Aug 16, 2017
Hillendale was recommended to me by a trusted health care advisor when my Mother was about to be released from a skilled nursing facility in Walnut Creek. My Mother had suffered a shattered elbow and fractured pelvis and I needed help so I called Hillendale to arrange for some in home care.

At the time I met with Bridget Waller I realized I need 24/7 care for my Mother which I could not provide in her home. Bridget very kindly used her professional expertise to help me negotiate issues at the skilled nursing care facility where my Mother was placed even though she knew that I would not be using her services at that time. She was professional and compassionate.

I would not hesitate to call Hillendale should I need in home care in future and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking the services provided by Bridget and Hillendale.

I am thankful for her kindness and help during a difficult and stressful time.
Phyllis A. on Jun 23, 2017
I have used Hillendale's services for over a year to provide us daily caregivers to help take care of a family member with Alzhiemer's. During that entire time they have been instrumental in helping my family achieve our goals of allowing our family member to age in place. I have only good things to say about Hillendale's services, caregivers and management. If you need this sort of service you will not be disappointed and you should have confidence that they have your back when times are good and bad.
Scott N. on Mar 15, 2016
Hillendale Home Care is a company you should consider if you're looking for quality elder care in the Walnut Creek area, California. They hire trustworthy and professional caregivers and CNAs and in fact have recently opened a CNA/HHA school to better equip their caregivers to better serve their clients.

Bridget and staff at Hillendale Home Care can extend to you the professional assisted living services for your loved ones that you and your family deserve.

Visit today or call 925-933-8181 right now!
Mike L W. on Jun 12, 2010
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